Monday, July 22, 2013

Have No Regrets

Umar (may Allāh be pleased with him):
“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. Go easy on yourself for the outcome of all affairs is determined by the decree of Allah. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come on your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.”

How to get Allahswt mercy from Who Gets Allah's Mercy by Nouman Ali Khan-with important points‏


Let us strive to be among at least one of the groups who gets the mercy of Allah swt. May Allah swt make it easy for us. So worth listening to this talk. Some notes that may help. May Allahswt ride our hearts of show off, pride and arrogance and have the best of qualities. Duas pls


Some important  points from the talk
  • Who Gets Allah's Mercy by Nouman Ali Khan-with important points‏

Deal with people peacefully . 

Group one- people who control their emotions and anger, who are humble and let it go (dont enter into arguments. Some family members may upset you especially with issues of deen. Have a soft heart towards those who do not practice deen as much as you.

Prophet Musa was told to be nice to Pharaoh in speech "And speak to him gently so that he may take reminder or become *'khashiya'"
*'Khashiya' is usually translated as fear. However, according to br. Nouman Ali Khan, that is a very shallow translation as there are 12 different words in the Quran that are translated as fear. The words 'khauf' and 'taqwa' for example, a also both translated as fear. 'Khashiya' does mean fear, but it's a very specific type of fear. It is a fear of something magnanimous, that simply being in it's presence makes us humbled.
SubhanAllah this got me thinking, if a man as bad as firaun deserves to be spoken gently to, how much more deserving do our wife or husband, our children, our students, our friends or even our leaders do? This is a very simple yet powerful advice from Allah SWT

Second group- One that does tahajuud. He mention that the Allahswt loves the people more who control their anger over the people who pray to him all nigth

Third group- They ask Allahswt to protect them from hell fire,from its sights and they don't want to see it short or long term.
Some people will taste cold air from the hell fire and a little bit of air touch them, they will say, " I must be in the worst part of hell fire"

Fourth group- They spend money carefully, are responsible and not cheap either.They are balance in their budget, they do not exaggerated with their wealth. They do not take loans. They are the type that use their wealth/money to help others, to assist others instead of spending on themselves.

Teach children to earn their money, don't just give it to them, so they learn to take responsibility. 

Fifth group- Those that don't call on anyone but Allahswt. They do not kill anyone or commit major sins (zina etc). for example a convert whose family are all non Muslim yet she/he keeps worshiping Allahswt. Or a young man or woman ( teenager) that lives in place of fitna or goes to place of fitna (school,university, shops) yet holds on to worship only of Allahswt. 

He reminds teenagers that they are adults (its only a western concept to think of older teenagers as those that lack responsibility or that don't know the difference between right or wrong.) They are seen as adults in Islam. He reminds these people to don't follow shatian  whispers and say to yourself, "I am a gonna or man I have done a lot of sin so I might as well do more" That person who repentance and does good deeds AFTER doing bad sins, than Allahswt promise he will CONVERT those sins, even thou they are the size of a mountain, he will change those bad deeds to GOOd deeds!!!

He goes on about sins and caring about ones sins.

Sixth group- They never sit or be in a gathering of evil. If they find themselves in this gathering, or useless conversation they pass by without disturbing or embarrassing them. 

Respect people when you advice them. Those that do bad deeds, advice them or ran away, dont put yourself in a situation whereby you also commit that sin.

Seven group who gets Allahswt mercy- When they are reminded of the ayat of their Master(reminder), they didnt pass over those ayats, they dont overlook, they remind themselves to improve themselves.

The crisis of our Ummah is the Family unit is being destroyed . Families dont know what their roles are anymore. Protect our family unit. The biggest priority that a parent should have is the practice of Islam by their children. That their iman and taqwa is in build without a parent standing over them.

Yaqaab was so worried by what his sons would worship after his death that he questioned them in the Quran, 

Nay, but you [yourselves, O children of Israel,] bear witness 107  that when death was approaching Jacob, he said unto his sons: "Whom will you worship after I am gone?" They answered: "We will worship thy God, the God of thy forefathers Abraham and Ishmael 108  and Isaac, the One God; and unto Him will we surrender ourselves."

He gave them tarbiyyah  (naseehah (advice) of self improvement ?) (my explanation could be better)

In this ayat he speaks of asking Allahswt to give us Heba (means from a gift) in regard to our offspring, wifes/husbands that make us feel happy (tears of joy with regards to our family). Nowadays people have lost happiness with their families. 

Reminder to father/husband to not be a anger person that the family members are afraid of. Be friends to your children, as the time is different , we live in 2013. Our children will only get the love of Islam only from you. Play with your children, be aware, direct them. make your kids LOVE you, if the fathers dont do this, we will LOSE our children, our ummah if fathers are not connected to their children and guide them with love

Sister,  stop being anger at your husband. Be nice to them, SMILE to them, dress up for them

Brothers, say nice things to your wife. Attend the majids, make effort yourself. Show love to her. The work of this ummah is to fix the family, to not fight  Father and mother have to work as a team, loving to each other. Your the iman of your house. make sure your household has taqwa

If your a good father/mother than your sons/daughters will be good wives and husband inshAllah ameen.

Your family members will be tied to the father/husband and they will raise or pull them up or pull them down. You will need commission from their good deeds.

Beautiful story of a couple that converted to Islam last year and they traveled to visit all the majids of Amercia. When he questioned him how he converted, the man said , " I find in my linage that my great grand father was actually a muslim, so I research and decided to revert to Islam."

Allahswt will give high lofty palaces for the ones that have patience, control their anger and  HAVE constantly. Sabar mean s a life time choice, a way to choose to live our lives with constant patience in life, than we get the reward of this palaces that the angles will tour guide us around isnhAllah ameen.

If you only got to level one of jannah Allahswt will try to "up grade" us to higher levels inshallah ameen. We will constantly be excited and upgraded permanently by the fruit, food, things we get in Jannah. We will keep moving up:)

This is from my listening so pls overlook and forgive any mistakes. May Allahswt make us of the one the stands in one of these groups so that we gets Allahswt mercy and jannah- everlasting paradise

Allahswt make us our wives and husband, children ,parents, sisters and brother ones that love the Quran, read arabic so will, inspire us to follow our Rasuallah saw

He emphasis arabic and made it a part of his life-he hopes and prays we will be inspired to use 20 mins a day to learn arabic (Arabic with husna program)